Our roots are in Apulia. Estro is the evolution of a handmade reality born from the idea of Giuseppe Sardone in 1956. Further the company’s roots come from the XVIII century when the small family shop produced upholstered for aristocratic murgia’s family.

Our present is in MILAN. We have kept the values of our land, exploring the Brianza’s handmade traditions with the aim of creating a unique, personal and original style.


Stylistic research gets inspiration from study of new trends in fashion and design and also from the focus on the new lifestyles. The project is detailed treated in every phase of development.The creativity of designers flow into the prototype form, and it gets completed out the production line.

The choice of wood is the first step in the production process. It is a choice that the company faces with awareness of the precious material’s value, verifying its origins and rationalizing the use of it. Also the leather in particular, must match with esthetic and qualitative standards. Collaboration with the best italian tanneries committed in the choice of ecofriendly and innovative methods allow the creation of products that keep unaltered quality in time.

Estro products have received the highest level of certification CATAS, remaining intact after 100,000 cycles of stress on dynamic structure. Estro products are also certified by ITPI, the only institute able to certify and ensure the authenticity made in italy to 100%


“The right balance between reason and emotion, harmony between tradition and vision.”



Francesca Sardone

Bernard Masson